« In ancient hunter-gatherer times, our ancestors would often experience what was called the dry season. Rivers ran low, the earth was parched, and hunted animals were scarce. There was very little to do but sit ,and wait for it to pass. Everyone had to keep still.

This stillness had an unexpected benefit—it gave them an opportunity to think. To reflect. To reinvent. »

Ceramic artist’s intention is to center clay into functional forms. We are aiming to bring balance and peace into peoples lives. We will make vessels that you will treasure forever, especially knowing you are helping someone in need.

Just like all of you, we are keeping an eye on the unfolding news and have developed a project to keep moving forward. We produce ceramics, coming from the earth, with our hands. And from your hands, all benefits will go to charity. 

Everyone, stay safe, stay together and be kind to one another.